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Monday, 1 February 2010

New Church

I have just moved from a my old church to a Reformed Baptist congregation in Hillcrest

If you live in or around Durban, and have a Reformed theology, then I would strongly suggest that you come to this Church. The main reason why I chose this church, initially was because of its Bibliology. A google search for churches in Durban, along with the word "expository" put HBC as the first result. Within the website were the words along the lines of "We are committed to Expository Preaching."

In case you are not sure, expository preaching is where the sermon is based on and focused around unpacking a verse of scripture. This is as apposed to topical preaching, where the preached chooses a topic (for example 'love') then chooses verses to go with that. Verses exposited range from 1 or 2 words, to a whole chapter at a time. Usually at HBC, no more than 3 or 4 verses are preached through at a time.

The Pastor's name is Clint Archer. He is a man of God and a gifted preacher. It is so so so good to hear the gospel, the actual gospel preached from the pulpit.

Here is the website for the church Click Here

I can say in all honesty that God is very kind to lead me here

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