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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

180 Movie–Watch It Today

As many of you are aware, yesterday Living Waters, Ray Comfort’s ministry released a movie called 180. To describe the film as fascinating is to say the very least. You can watch the whole thing below, or at their request, rather go onto their site to watch it. Want to know how to defeat abortion in seconds, go to

Monday, 26 September 2011


Yay just hit 2000 views, three little words:


Soli Deo gloria

The Church’s One Foundation

ChurchI though I’d start the week by quoting one of my favourite hymns in its entirety for your consideration. There are one or two verses in here that we don’t normally sing, probably cause it’ll make the song go on for ages (not that that’s a bad thing in my estimation). Nevertheless this is a most excellent summary of ecclesiology, that is, the theology of the church. It’s first two lines that have the biggest bang. If you get these two lines only you will have gotten an excellent nugget of truth about the church. The picture on the left is actually a little inaccurate in depicting the church, as you will find out as you read the hymn.

The Church’s one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord,
She is His new creation
By water and the Word.
From heaven He came and sought her
To be His holy bride;
With His own blood He bought her
And for her life He died.

She is from every nation,
Yet one o’er all the earth;
Her charter of salvation,
One Lord, one faith, one birth;
One holy Name she blesses,
Partakes one holy food,
And to one hope she presses,
With every grace endued.

The Church shall never perish!
Her dear Lord to defend,
To guide, sustain, and cherish,
Is with her to the end:
Though there be those who hate her,
And false sons in her pale,
Against both foe or traitor
She ever shall prevail.

Though with a scornful wonder
Men see her sore oppressed,
By schisms rent asunder,
By heresies distressed:
Yet saints their watch are keeping,
Their cry goes up, “How long?”
And soon the night of weeping
Shall be the morn of song!

’Mid toil and tribulation,
And tumult of her war,
She waits the consummation
Of peace forevermore;
Till, with the vision glorious,
Her longing eyes are blest,
And the great Church victorious
Shall be the Church at rest.

Yet she on earth hath union
With God the Three in One,
And mystic sweet communion
With those whose rest is won,
With all her sons and daughters
Who, by the Master’s hand
Led through the deathly waters,
Repose in Eden land.

O happy ones and holy!
Lord, give us grace that we
Like them, the meek and lowly,
On high may dwell with Thee:
There, past the border mountains,
Where in sweet vales the Bride
With Thee by living fountains
Forever shall abide!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Worldview? How You See The World

There is a lot of talk these days about worldviews, Christian worldview, secular worldview, biblical worldview, evolutionary worldview and so on. But what does this little phase mean and why is it important? Or is it even important? The answer to the last question is a resounding YES. Lets first look at the word itself:

The word ‘worldview’ comes from a German word Weltanschauung which when broken up means ‘world’ and ‘view’. Its a concept that comes mainly out of 19th century German philosophy. Basically a worldview is a person’s philosophical view of reality. According to  Weltanschauung means: ‘a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint'’. A good working definition of ‘worldview’. The next thing to say is that everyone has one. there is not a person on the earth who has not perceived reality in some way, and once you have done that, you have a worldview. Even if you are a day old baby, your worldview is sleep, cry, drink milk, sleep. Our worldview is the key factor is deciding our biases.

For example, I would choose a Coke over a Pepsi every time because I like the taste of Coke more. But lets go through the process of making the choice. I choose coke because I’m biased towards the taste of Coke being better. My bias is informed by preferences which have been filtered either consciously or unconsciously through my worldview. Now lets say that my worldview stated that only pure water was safe to drink, I would probably never touch Coke or Pepsi, and I would say my favourite drink is water. Do you see how my bias comes out of my worldview.

Another example: why do I go to church, and in point of fact would go to church at all costs? The answer is: because I have a biblical worldview, which says to me that the bible is inspired, inerrant and infallible. That means that I have to believe all that it teaches and obey what it instructs me to do. Now the bible instructs that we (Christians) should not forsake the assembly of the saints (Heb 10:25) so that we can stir each other up to love and good works (Heb 10:24). Now my church does this by meeting together on Sunday mornings and evenings. So, according to my worldview, I go to church, and at all costs.

Developing A Christian Worldview

Firstly, why would we want to develop a Christian and biblical worldview? The answer is simple and I quote the Westminster shorter catechism “Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever”. A Christian worldview is the means to this end. I formulate a Christian worldview for this purpose, to maximise my glorification of God and my enjoyment of Him forever.

For me personally, it was very hard for me to consciously develop a biblical worldview. Like many my age I had grown up with parents who did not believe (and therefore did not teach) the bible and went to a school that tried its best to teach me a secular humanist worldview. It took me a fair amount of bible study before the penny dropped in my head that there is a complete contradiction between what the bible taught about creation (God created, 6 days, young earth) and evolution (no creator, millions of years) and that the differences were as much theological as they were about truth, and what actually happened. Theological in the sense that, if evolution is true, that means that there was death before sin, which means that God’s entire plan of redemption and restoration is false, thus eliminating the bible as any kind of source of truth, because it would then be filled with lies.

But a Christian worldview plays itself out in a variety of ways. For example, when I see a scenic view or a sunset, I immediately thank God for creating me and allowing me to see this sight. When I think about the incredible intricacy of some of our natural wonders I don’t think to myself (as I used to) “amazing what evolution can do” but rather I think “amazing what God can do, Glory to Him” And when faced with an ethical dilemma, my worldview informs me that the bible is my source of instruction through all moral and ethical problems. I then consult the bible and make the right decision. Now if all that sounds too good to be true it is. We are still sinful by nature and there are still many times when my flesh overrides my worldview and I sin.

For this reason it is important to be purposeful in formulating our worldview, according to the bible. “But hang on” I hear you say, “don’t we get our view of the bible from our worldview?” Yes, but it also works the other way. Our worldview tells us how we view the bible and if we are a Christian, our bible informs our worldview, it doesn’t usually if a person is not a Christian, because one of the things that happen at conversion is a person begins to formulate a Christian worldview.


This picture brings us nicely to our first danger when talking about a worldview. Many people, especially some of my lecturers, would claim that each arrow is equal or more often, that our worldview informing how we see the bible is more important than the bible transforming and informing our worldview. THIS IS FALSE. If our worldview is different to that of the bible, then we change our worldview, not how we view the bible. This doesn’t mean we don’t have any biases when reading the bible, but we should be aware of them and avoid them if possible.

The other danger I’ve seen is people these days see Christianity as merely a worldview, rather than a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. It is popular these days to do just that, to limit yourself to seeing the world christianly rather than being reconciled to Jesus Christ through His atoning work. May it never be…

That’s all for now, I need to flesh this out more at a later date. In the mean time, I recommend the resource linked below. Its a Christian Radio station called The Christian Worldview

John Piper On Abortion

I would appreciate it if you watched this rather power except from a John Piper sermon about abortion. Just listen to it, please.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chapters And Verses Stats

I had fun a a couple of years ago counting all of the number of verses in the bible and doing a bit of a statistical analysis of that data. I found some interesting things; for example Luke has the most number of verses per chapter, which is why it always took me ages to read through Luke. I hope you find this useful

Number Of Chapters: Number Of Verses: Average Number Of Verses:
Genesis 50 1533 30.66
Exodus 40 1180 29.5
Leviticus 27 859 31.81481481
Numbers 36 1288 35.77777778
Deuteronomy 34 959 28.20588235
Joshua 24 658 27.41666667
Judges 21 618 29.42857143
Ruth 4 85 21.25
1 Samuel 31 810 26.12903226
2 Samuel 24 695 28.95833333
1 Kings 22 816 37.09090909
2 Kings 25 719 28.76
1 Chronicles 29 942 32.48275862
2 Chronicles 36 822 22.83333333
Ezra 10 280 28
Nehemiah 13 406 31.23076923
Esther 10 167 16.7
Job 42 1070 25.47619048
Psalms 150 2461 16.40666667
Proverbs 31 915 29.51612903
Ecclesiastes 12 218 18.16666667
Song Of Solomon 8 117 14.625
Isaiah 66 1292 19.57575758
Jeremiah 52 1364 26.23076923
Lamentations 5 154 30.8
Ezekiel 48 1273 26.52083333
Daniel 12 357 29.75
Hosea 14 197 14.07142857
Joel 3 73 24.33333333
Amos 9 146 16.22222222
Obadiah 1 21 21
Jonah 4 48 12
Micah 7 105 15
Nahum 3 47 15.66666667
Habakkuk 3 56 18.66666667
Zephaniah 3 53 17.66666667
Haggai 2 38 19
Zechariah 14 211 15.07142857
Malachi 4 55 13.75
Total Number Of Books 39
New Testament
Number Of Chapters: Number Of Verses: Average Number Of Verses:
Matthew 28 1071 38.25
Mark 16 678 42.375
Luke 24 1151 47.95833333
John 21 879 41.85714286
Acts 28 997 35.60714286
Romans 16 433 27.0625
1 Corinthians 16 437 27.3125
2 Corinthians 13 257 19.76923077
Galatians 6 149 24.83333333
Ephesians 6 155 25.83333333
Philippians 4 104 26
Colossians 4 95 23.75
1 Thessalonians 5 89 17.8
2 Thessalonians 3 47 15.66666667
1 Timothy 6 113 18.83333333
2 Timothy 4 83 20.75
Titus 3 46 15.33333333
Philemon 1 25 25
Hebrews 13 303 23.30769231
James 5 108 21.6
1 Peter 5 105 21
2 Peter 3 61 20.33333333
1 John 5 105 21
2 John 1 13 13
3 John 1 14 14
Jude 1 25 25
Revelation 22 404 18.36363636
Total Number Of Books 27

Are You A Good Person

Are you a good person?