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Thursday, 31 July 2008

God Has Been Very Faithful

God has been very faithful to me - a sinner. He has given me much opportunity recently. Let me give you one example. One of my class's was argueing about the bible, was it true or not. Lord thank you, what a segway, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with about 4 of them. Then the next day the kids wanted to keep talking so I shared the gospel again. At least 6 of them heard it. I saw much conviction in some of their faces. So I pray that that the gospel would come in and change them.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Satanism & Rock Music

Here is a video by the Way Of The Master (WOTM) team. I have been talking recently about Satanic influences in Rock Music. This video, brings this out

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Gospel Track Passing

I've got to promote the Million Dollar Bill gospel tract. It is so desirable to the sinner. Let me tell you the story. Because I have a beard on of the kids in one of my class asked me if I was a Muslim. I said no, I was a Christian and could prove it with a million Dollars. (Obvious you can't know a person is a Christian that way, but I used it to springboard into passing them out.) The four kids in that row, (who I was talking to) all took one and read, but someone in the class noticed and almost instantly I had given just about all of them a Million Dollars each.
I pray that God would save some of them through reading the tract. These tracts are from: if you are in Africa or if you are elsewhere.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

School Witnessing

Praise God, praise God, praise God

Thanks be to God, so far today, He has allowed me to preach the twice, first to two guys who claim to be Christians. I don't know if they are or not, but they don't seem to understand it so I was priveliged. Then I preached it to a young man, which arose from using Gospel tracks.

The first one arose when the kids wanted to research their heros. The hero in question was 50Cent. And he believed he was a hero because he had reformed from drugs and stuff. From that everything followed, looking at the law and then a bit of grace.

The second happened when I gave a Million Dollar Bill and then a Good News/Bad News track. He asked why I work where I work. Things progressed quickly so that when I said I was an evangelist, he asked me what that was. I used that to springboard into the spiritual. I gave him the the GN/BN track and asked him to read it, which he did. I then took him through the Law and Grace. I could see the contriction on his face. I asked him if he there is any reason why he should not repent and put his faith in Jesus. He said there is no reason...

Thank the Lord

Friday, 11 July 2008

Facebook Evangelism

I've been chatting with a friend of mine on Facebook. It was very evangelistic, He was thinking about life and stuff. We discussed death and its cause. And then I asked, 'do you believe in heaven and hell, and where will you go when you die?' He told me he wasn't sure, but then asked what is probably the best segway into the Law: 'but do I really deserve hell?' I took him through the Ten Commandments, and he admitted to me that he had lied, stolen and committed adultery and blasphemy. His next statement was so good, bearing in mind what the bible says about the mouth being stopped, I was so pleased to see the contrition in the words: 'so I'm in big trouble.' I could see he was humbled before God so I gave him the good news and grace of God, the cross etc.

I don't know if he was converted but by what he said gives me hope he now understands that he needs to repent and put his faith in Christ, and I ask you to pray for him and his salvation.
God bless

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