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Friday, 19 September 2008


Here are the boys I witnessed to in the previous post - please pray for them

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I got the chance to preach to two young men during a break at my school. I used a curved illusioned track as a seway. Soon they realised that they had lied, stolen, committed adultery by lust and blasphemed and that they needed to repent and put their faith in Christ.

They both were serious about this, they learned what they had to do. Then I explained why I would tell them something like this. That I care about them and didn't want them to go tell hell, which is what the bible says will happen, if they are still in their sins.

They left with a feeling of awe, but I don't think they have repented yet. God please save these two young men, raise them up as men of God and faithful witnesses. In Jesus Name Amen

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A New Opening

I have discovered a new opening into the gospel. I am blessed by a job, working at a High School. But in my spare time I am studying my theology degree. "what are you studying?" is a common subject. I tell them I am studying theology, they ask: "what's that?" I explain that the word comes from the two greek words: theos and logos. I explain a little of the some of the things I study in theology, then I bring up the subject of Justification By Faith. The always ask: "what is that?" What a segway into the gospel. I preach the law, and how we need to be justified, and how can that happen only through repentance and faith towards Jesus Christ.

Isn't God good, puting me in this place, at this time, to preach the gospel to a group of young people, please save them Lord

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Preaching To Grade 10s

I've just got the new Million Dollar bills from and I thought I'd hand them out in one of the classes, which had before seemed receptive to tracks and the gospel. God is so gracious, that at least 3 people heard clearly the law and the gospel. First time, was a girl I'd tried to witness to before, but something else had interupted. But today we resumed and she clearly heard the gospel. She seemed very convicted. I ended it by asking "Is there any sin that you love enough that you are willing to risk hell for eternity, by doing it?"

I moved to two other girls who I'd given the Million Dollar bills to. These two were not as receptive, but they listened and I left them thinking about their sin and the Saviour's kindness in forgiving us.

Pray for all of them because others in the class heard me as we talked. One girl was heard to say: "thats Sh**". Pray for them all, that they will be saved. In Jesus' name

Monday, 1 September 2008

A pray that God answered yes to

Before I go any further, let me say why I called this post "A pray that God answered yes to." God answers all prayers, and He give basically 3 answers. "Yes", "No", or "Later". Praise God He has answered all my prayers, but let me share something that happened to me this weekend.

I teach a Sunday School class for Grade 6s and 7s for the last few years. Last week I decided to teach on the Parable of the Sewer and I had decided to make it a 'lighter' class and we would act out the parable. The problem is that my class averages about 5 kids, mostly from the Church's ministry school. This is a picture of my class on a good day, in a numbers way:

The problem was that this number wasn't enought for the little skit routine wouldn't work. So I prayed that God would grant me a big class this week. God answered yes, He gave me 12 kids that day. Our ministries school's sister school, in Cozi Bay came to visit. This trip takes several hours and is a preplanned months in advanced.

This means that God prepared the organiser's hearts to do this trip for, among other reasons, an answer to my prayer, which I only prayed about an hour before the class.

Isn't God great!

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