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Friday, 11 July 2008

Facebook Evangelism

I've been chatting with a friend of mine on Facebook. It was very evangelistic, He was thinking about life and stuff. We discussed death and its cause. And then I asked, 'do you believe in heaven and hell, and where will you go when you die?' He told me he wasn't sure, but then asked what is probably the best segway into the Law: 'but do I really deserve hell?' I took him through the Ten Commandments, and he admitted to me that he had lied, stolen and committed adultery and blasphemy. His next statement was so good, bearing in mind what the bible says about the mouth being stopped, I was so pleased to see the contrition in the words: 'so I'm in big trouble.' I could see he was humbled before God so I gave him the good news and grace of God, the cross etc.

I don't know if he was converted but by what he said gives me hope he now understands that he needs to repent and put his faith in Christ, and I ask you to pray for him and his salvation.
God bless

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