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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Theocracy - Absolution Day

Ever heard of this band? Neither had I till a couple of months ago. They have 2 clear things that make me like them.

  1. The music, although falling within the metal genre, is both progressive (i.e they play their instruments and experiment with longer songs and jams) and clear (i.e its not just a big noise, you can always hear what the guy is singing) which is brilliant. Speaking as a muso myself this is great.
  2. This is more to the point, they are profoundly biblical and gospel centered. As an example to this I invite you to watch and consider the video below:

A transcript of the lyrics can be found here
Here is an extract from part of the song:

No priest can say I'm worthy
No sacraments or holy laws
can take my sin away
No church can wash my spirit clean
For the scarlet stain that paints my soul to sleep
Runs way too deep

No blessed holy water
Can sanctify me in the eyes of God
The great I AM
But He has made provision
To lift me up and wash me in the blood
Of the spotless Lamb
Lovely stuff and very biblical. Now granted most people I know would probably not listen to this type of music, and me neither as a rule. Nevertheless with solid biblical lyrics, its great music and worth listening to.

The band's site can be found here
Also check out the wiki page, there are some free (mostly Christmas) music for download

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