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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Good Day's Fishing

I had a good day fishing outside the school today. The scene was outside the school after the bell had gone. I was talking to some girls from one of my classes. The girl in particular was asking about some questions about general things of Christian life. Then she told me that everyone was surprised that she was a Christian, when she told them. I talked about a few things such as growing in Holiness. Then I used the segway: I told her that if she regularly shared her faith with her friends, they wouldn't have to guess if she was a Christian or not, then I said, I would show her what I meant. So I gathered three of her friends and shared them the gospel. At one point I gave them the Good News/ Bad News tract. A couple of other girls asked for one, and I gave it to them. By the time I had finished sharing with the first group, two others had wondered up and they had just finished reading the tract I gave them. So I shared the Gospel with them also. All six had such a look of conviction that I was so encouraged that the Gospel was going deep.

I used an analogy today which was useful today. I share it with you, if you find it useful: imagine if I put a chip in your brain that recorded every thing you see, think and say for just a week. Then I took those images and sounds and thoughts and projected the screen in the school assembly. The feelings you would have is a small part of the shame of what judgement day will be like.

God bless, please pray for those girls;

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