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Friday, 16 September 2011

A Poem

This is written by a friend of mine and I like it, so I submit it for your enjoyment

The Lighthouse of My Life


When the ocean becomes

a tumult of frothy despair.

When I'm doused in the icy spray

of hurt and


When I'm drifting


sunken and battered.

Cast away callously,

like tired fish nets.

Thrown about roughly,

then shipwrecked on the jagged rocks.

I cling fast

to Him.




                        p u l l s




When all seems lost

He instils a new unfailing hope,

He keeps me striving.


When all seems lost

He encourages and gives me strength,

He reminds me of my purpose and potential.


When all seems lost

on the long, caliginous voyage life presents,

He is what I live for.


He is my anchor,

My house of light




Bronwyn Freeman

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