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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A New Opening

I have discovered a new opening into the gospel. I am blessed by a job, working at a High School. But in my spare time I am studying my theology degree. "what are you studying?" is a common subject. I tell them I am studying theology, they ask: "what's that?" I explain that the word comes from the two greek words: theos and logos. I explain a little of the some of the things I study in theology, then I bring up the subject of Justification By Faith. The always ask: "what is that?" What a segway into the gospel. I preach the law, and how we need to be justified, and how can that happen only through repentance and faith towards Jesus Christ.

Isn't God good, puting me in this place, at this time, to preach the gospel to a group of young people, please save them Lord

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