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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I got the chance to preach to two young men during a break at my school. I used a curved illusioned track as a seway. Soon they realised that they had lied, stolen, committed adultery by lust and blasphemed and that they needed to repent and put their faith in Christ.

They both were serious about this, they learned what they had to do. Then I explained why I would tell them something like this. That I care about them and didn't want them to go tell hell, which is what the bible says will happen, if they are still in their sins.

They left with a feeling of awe, but I don't think they have repented yet. God please save these two young men, raise them up as men of God and faithful witnesses. In Jesus Name Amen

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Gareth said...

Clara Hearman wrote:
if you are a true theologist, you have to learn hebrew and other languages to understand the original scriptures. Reading a translation is always combined with the opinion of the translater and his interpretation of a text. Plus you have to learn about the historical context, otherwise you will interpret things in the wrong way. you should not be judging another persons interpretation as long as your not able to understand the original yourself. But thats simply my opinion...

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