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Friday, 23 December 2011

A Personal Manifesto

At what point, do I decide to stop being an idiot, and start acting more like a man
A man provides for his wife, family and those around him. I need to be in a financial position to do this
  • Plan on earning more, working harder and work efficiently
  • Plan on saving more and spending less
  • Plan on giving more to the work of the ministry
A man needs to protect his wife, family and those around him
  • get reasonably fit
  • cultivate greater discernment skills
  • be alert for situations where protection needs to be given, then give it.
A man needs to teach his wife and family
  • finish the degree
  • teach as often as I can
  • get into the habit of preaching the gospel more regularly
  • get into the habit of using language less theological people can understand
  • get into the habit of asking counsel when I don’t understand something myself.
  • read more helpful books
A man needs to lead his wife and family in sanctification and righteousness.
  • repent of all known sins, heat up the war on any sin not yet dead
  • look to Jesus Christ and His gospel for comfort more than at my sinfulness and unworthiness.
  • pray daily for my wife and family, even though I have neither yet.
  • pray much more and be even more diligent in the study of scripture.
  • remember it’s the gospel, it’s the gospel, IT’S THE GOSPEL
Finally, to redeem my time better, pour myself into ministry and take courage with all my heart, to swallow my pride, it’s the only way. I pray God gives me strength

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