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Monday, 23 June 2008

Witnessing At Work

I was blessed today to witness to two young Grade 9s who I teach at my School. One has been brought up Catholic, but doesn't agree with that church, and the other isn't anything, but believe in reincarnation.

What was interesting was that the conversation was started by a comment that I wasn't wearing the WWJD bangle that I usually do. One of the girls asked about it and thus the conversation developed. They both had several questions but by the grace of God I was able to answer all of them and always bring it back to the important things, the Law and the Gospel. We parted on aimable terms and they promised to think about their sins, and God's kindness to save them from the sins. The other big think that they didn't get was HOW God saves, through Jesus, what did dying on the cross have to do with it. I was able to share how Your sins are punished on the cross and Jesus (when you are born again) gives you His righteousness.

Pray for these two, any Christian reading this that they would come to the knowledge of the Lord in repentance and faith.

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