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Saturday, 20 November 2010

God takes away the creature!

  Diogenes noted the folly of the men of his time--that they undervalued the best things--but overvalued the worst things. Ah, that this were not the sin and shame of professors in these days!
God sometimes strips His people of their nearest and dearest earthly mercies--that they may the more prize, and the better taste--of spiritual and heavenly mercies!
  God takes away uncertain riches--that His people may the more prize certain riches!
God takes away natural strength--that His people may the more prize spiritual strength!
  God takes away the creature--that His people may more prize their Saviour.
Spiritual and heavenly things can alone satisfy the soul. The language of a godly man is this, "Ah, Lord! the good earthly things which I have from You, though they may refresh me--yet they cannot satisfy me without Yourself!"


(Thomas Brooks, "A Believer's Last Day, His Best Day")
NPG D26860; Thomas Brooks

Quote taken from Grace Gems

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